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Brand Development

Your company’s brand identity is important in the message it sends about your company’s value and culture. More importantly it can make the difference in how a potential customer engages with your business. Know the meaning behind your brand color choice, the role font choice plays in your overall appearance and tone. Most of all understand how your brand identity resonates with the brand story you want to tell.

Public Relations

Build good relationships and credibility with the community your business serves by including a public relations strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy. Manage your company’s online reputation and further the goodwill of your brand with your audience. We’ll incorporate a PR plan that is in alignment with specific business initiatives.

Planning & Placement

A Disciplined plan to ensure success.

The best media plans come from employing a disciplined approach to the entire media placement process. Clarke Smart Solutions can place and manage all your media buys.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in both marketing and mass communications. When planning your media campaign we take a very selective approach in the media channels chosen to convey your message. We ensure that we’re meeting the market penetration goal while targeting the right audience with frequency that will deliver positive results. Most importantly we ensure the message conveyed is delivered in such a way that resonates with the audience on the individual channels/platforms.

A key ingredient to a successful media plan is ensuring the ROI is aligned with the product or service being sold in the brand message. Before placing media we ensure the platform chosen not only reaches the right audience but makes sense for your bottom line.

Get the most out of your website by ensuring it’s user-friendly customer centric and optimized for sales and engagement. We’ll design a responsive website that attracts customers.

There are a lot of moving parts to an event. We apply project management skills in developing and executing large-scale events understanding the importance of integrating marketing and branding elements to build trust with potential event-goers.

Ensure the best placement for your media campaign by hiring a team that understands how each medium works to achieve your marketing and sales goals. We place buys on radio, TV and cable.


Outdoor comprises of Digital Billboards, Posters, Airport Ads, Bus Wraps, Transit Shelters, Wallscapes and much more. We use consumer and media research when planning to successfully integrate outdoor to your overall marketing campaign.

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