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Planning and executing integrated campaigns across mediums.


When considering which medium to use in your overall marketing campaign it’s important to understand how each medium will contribute to your overall goal. Each broadcast medium has unique factors in how it engages the audience. The method in which radio, television and cable is integrated in your campaign is key to achieving the best response and business outcomes. Our team understands broadcast media, knows when to use the different mediums, and understands how to buy media to get you the best value for every dollar spent.

How to Leverage Broadcast in Your Marketing Campaigns


As the popularity of streaming, podcast and satellite radio increased over the years, there were rumors that radio would lose its impact or be gone all together. However, that is not the case. Radio has evolved over the years, integrating the digital components that we’ve all grown accustom to as part of its structure and programming. Now most radio stations have HD channels, offer live streaming and are available on Aps.
One of the key components of radio is its ability to engage with a super targeted, passionate audience in real-time. People listen to radio stations not only for the music but most importantly for what is between the music; community involvement, on-air personalities, contest & events. If your campaign calls for a super targeted audience that needs to be moved to action, radio is a great option.

Integrating Radio

Radio drives consumption of other media as well as influence retail purchases. According to Nielson, radio campaigns increased sales incrementally across retail categories ranging from $9.48 to $23.21 for each dollar spent on the retailers’ radio campaign. The categories include, department stores, mass merchandise, telecom, online retail and home improvement. So, depending on the business goal of your campaign, radio can be used as a tool to amplify campaigns on other mediums or radio can stand alone.
Our team is skilled in planning campaigns that reach the desired audience over different targeted radio dials. We know how to negotiate buys to get the best value, while integrating promotional campaigns that extend your message beyond your ad purchase.

Buying Network TV

Broadcast TV delivers major network programs as well as local news, sports and specialized programming. It’s a ‘brand safe’ environment due to strict FCC regulations on content parameters. It’s pertinent and ‘live’, meaning no on-demand for local News networks.

The beauty of broadcast TV other than its ability to reach people while in their homes in a large geographic area, is that broadcast TV is free to the viewer. This means a TV buy can reach across all socioeconomic status. Because of the relevant nature of local news, ads that run during local news segments have great reach and is very effective.

Local news channels have been able to incorporate several sponsored content elements during live newscast that allows your brand to be seen daily on-screen. When planning a TV buy we consider the elements that will reach viewers beyond the 30 second and 60 second ads. Promotional elements, as well as editorial content for weekend shows are all PR and ad elements that are considered. Our goal is always to utilize all the tools available to add value to your campaign.



Cable serves as a great alternative to broadcast television. It is similar to broadcast, where it delivers reach in a large geographic area, but it also allows audience segmentation based on targeted viewer interest in smaller geo-areas (specific zones).

Incorporating cable in your media mix allows for creative buying tactics. You can choose linear or spot scheduling, where you buy networks based on persona groups, opting for programming that is geared towards the attributes of the persona group you want to reach, e.g. HGTV, WE tv, TLC, OWN, or buying specific programs like a show, which would cost more.

Another option when buying cable is integrating Over-the-Top Television (OTT) streaming. It’s a platform that allows advertisers to reach viewers who are streaming networks online and on mobile devices. Targeting capabilities on OTT are more robust than broadcast TV and cable. You have now entered the digital realm, where viewers are using aps that they’ve given access to their profile information. When choosing OTT, you’re able to target beyond geographic area and zip-codes. The targeting attributes are increased to gender, age, education, household income and general lifestyle interests.
Our team considers your overall campaign goals when integrating cable and determining whether to place buys on specific programs or have a broader approach. We also review all the other components that are in play with regards to radio or digital as part of your overall campaign. Our goal is to ensure that every element of your marketing strategy works together to achieve positive business outcomes.
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