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Social Media Management

Connecting with your audience where they are!


The ability to connect with your customers and find new customers on platforms they engage with daily is critical to building a strong brand presence, brand loyalty and it affirms your brand’s ability to keep pace in this competitive environment for the long run. 

Social media has become the most powerful factor to purchasing decisions. Consumers look to social media to connect with organizations, learn the organizations culture and how it supports its customers. Most importantly consumers look to social media for reviews of services, products and for information on how to use products.

Why use social media?

What you should know

72% of Americans use some form of social media! No longer is social media only used by young adults. Within the past 5 years, Adults over 35 yrs-old using social media increased by 15%. That’s 15% of more than half the American population!!! This is one of the reasons why a social media strategy is critical for your business.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your customers while attracting new customers. It’s a great way to learn how your audience engages with your brand and you can gain valuable insights on your audience through  social media analytics. 

Building value

Social Integration

Using audience insights from your social media platforms your able to build value with your ideal customers.

A seamless integration of your brand voice, message and identity is critical to having a successful customer experience. This allows you to leverage social engagement to extend your brand awareness and build value by being a thought leader in your industry.

It’s a gateway to your website, allowing for lead generation, resulting in increased sales. In addition, social media can be very cost effect when executed properly.

Improve brand loyalty with social media!

As of 2019, YouTube (73%), Facebook (69%) and Instagram (37%) are the top 3 social media platforms used by adults in the United States. 

We deliver results

Our Strong Points

We use data and insights to drive quality content in order to forge memorable emotional connections that amplify results across all channels. Our approach is to develop a brand ecosystem that places the customer at the center of every touch point. The voice of the customer is used as a tool for not only creating quality content but also for developing a seamless process of engagement across owned, paid and earned channels.

Our process guides us in figuring out what differentiates your brand from its competitors. Then we use consumer behavior and social data to develop a strategy that encourages engagement.


The Big Idea

Customized Social Media Strategy

Our approach when developing your social media strategy is to use the insights learned through the discovery and analysis phase to come up with the foundation for the social media campaigns. We call this ‘The Big Idea’!

This theme will be expressed through your website, paid and organic channels, communicating one message with the same specific goals. It also helps us to create the brand message and tone of voice so we can properly determine how to communicate the brand message on each individual platform.

Before executing the plan, we map out your brands amplification plan, determining which audiences are ripe for targeting through paid content, which consumers can be enlisted as advocates and which influencer fans we can leverage.

Building your social presence

Once we’ve agreed on the ‘Big Idea’ now it’s time to stretch the message across all touch points. We do this by developing our campaigns for the agreed platforms, building a content strategy for editorial and paid communication.

We’ll use a social media calendar for timely execution of content throughout platforms, ensuring that content delivery is tweaked to suit the specifications and best practices of each platform.


As part of our strategy, we would’ve already created SMART goals. This means the goals set for the campaigns will be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. We use the SMART Framework to ensure that the goals set are aligned with your business outcomes. This give us a direct pathway to success. 

We’ll identify KPI’s to measure performance and for ongoing optimization. Now we begin creating visuals that tell the story, videos, pictures. reaching out to influencers and planning media buys.


We collect data from your campaigns, daily, weekly, monthly. We review and discover what the data is telling us. We answer the question, ‘How do we use this information to maximize impact?’.


You’ll receive monthly reports and we’ll set up monthly campaign review meetings to discuss our findings and next steps.


We optimize campaigns for continuous improvement, ensuring that the SMART goals are always at the forefront.

Research Tools

We have access to some of the best digital planning and media buying tools to refine our strategic direction.

Reports & Analytics

Optimizing for success

As we roll out our plan, we are consistently reviewing content, engagement levels and the overall performance of each platform. The data we collect during the campaign provides insight to the customer journey, what your customer think and feels about the messaging.

It allows us to do a deep dive into where there are opportunities for growth while optimizing current target groups for increased engagement.

In addition, you now have analyzed data that provides insights for future campaigns.

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