Martin Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

A transformational leader with a proven track record in strategy, operations, management and consulting.

Martin Clarke, CEO - Clarke Smart Solutions


Martin has over thirty years of experience working with companies of all types and has a proven track record of successfully helping organizations to grow faster.
With a background in strategy, operations, management and consulting (Accenture, Midaxo, Ross) and as a co-founder of three successful start-ups, Martin brings an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to “play for high score” to everything he does at Clarke Smart Solutions.

Martin has raised venture capital, sold companies and bought companies. As CEO, Martin brings hands-on experience in a number of our industry verticals and in several functional areas — from operations to sales to finance. This rich background of experience has helped us to break the mold on how agencies approach working with their clients, making us the perfect partner for clients who are tired of traditional thinking and want a fresh approach that delivers truly exceptional results.


Operations Management
Social Media Marketing
Project Management

When Martin is not directly supporting our B2B clients, he advises our internal teams on strategy, process and methodology decisions. His love for great marketing is second only to his desire to see talented people be able to work in an environment that lets them do the best work of their lives, grow both professionally and personally, and have a strong positive impact on the businesses we support. For Martin, the goal here is simple: become the top B2B marketing and services agency in the country, help our clients to improve and scale their businesses and hopefully, make the world a little bit better in the process.

A Miami native, Martin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University School of Business and Industry.

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