Stacey Clarke, H.M.B.A

Chief Marketing Officer

An experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in media,  healthcare industry & in the broadcast media industry.

Stacey Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer


Stacey Clarke is a marketing, broadcast, digital media and business development leader. She is currently the VP, Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development Director for Urban Pulse Direct and Clarke Smart Solutions. As co-founder Stacey has helped in forming strong partnerships with the South East Region Small Business Administration and is working to bring corporate marketing and business development services to small businesses.

Stacey began her career in communications as a Fill-in Anchor on the local news segment of the #1 Syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show on HOT 105.1FM. While working as a fill-in anchor and programming assistant, she worked full-time as a Director of Sales at El Palacio Boutique Hotel.


Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Digital Media Marketing
Business Development

She combined her hospitality and sales experience with her communications and media knowledge and went into media sales and marketing. There she became an expert in broadcast and digital media sales and planning. Some of her key clients included Walt Disney World, Ideal Image MedSpa, Memorial Healthcare System to name a few.

She then went on to share her talents in the healthcare industry, working in the business development department as the Manager of Physician Sales with Jackson North Medical Center. While at Jackson North Medical Center, Stacey enrolled at Florida International University Healthcare MBA program. During her course of study, Stacey was awarded the Best Thesis for the Healthcare MBA Program Class of 2017 – Cohort 17.

Shortly thereafter, Stacey along with her husband Martin founded UPD Smart Solutions now known as Clarke Smart Solutions, the marketing agency arm of Urban Pulse Direct and she went on to work in their business full-time. Due to her efforts working with small businesses, Stacey was honored as one of the “Most Prominent and Influential Black Women in Business and Industry” 2019 Issue for Legacy South Florida Magazine.

Areas of Expertise


Chief Marketing Officer, Business Development Dir. 
Urban Pulse Direct – Clarke Smart Solutions


Manager, Physician Sales – Jackson Health System


Media Consultant, Digital Sales
Cox Media Group



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